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Top 5 Best, New and Fun Team Building and Group Activities in the Denver / Aurora area

The Denver- Metro Area is home to many companies boasting a good time for the masses, but when you're hunting for something to do on the internet, you want something that will be guaranteed fun for your group, affordably priced, not too far away, and is a unique experience everytime.

Normally, that is an impossible combination so you have to choose your top 2 and make due with the rest of the night. But to those lucky Aurora and Denver Colorado dwellers/commuters, the game has just changed!

Below is a list of our TOP 5 Best, New, Unique, Fun, and Affordable Team building, Party, night out activities in the Aurora / Denver Colorado area!

(5 of the Best, New and Fun Team Building and Group Activities in the Denver / Aurora area)

  1. Gameshow and Trivia Party: Bring the experience of a live gameshow directly to your living room or workplace! GATE brings the buzzers, games, lights, music, and energy straight to your home or office to help you host your next Event or Party! These popular Gameshow games will guarantee your guests have an unforgettably fun time! The genius part is, all games come with a live and energetic host that takes all the complications out of organizing a gamenight! Just hire, book the desired location, and have the time of your life!

  2. Bungee Pillow Fighting Tournament: A1 Boxing at Fieldhouse USA, takes reservations for Pillow Fighting Parties for Groups of 4-32 players! Pillow fighting has been introduced as a competitive sport on the East Coast, but GATE has combined the concept of Pillow Fighting with American Gladiators to bring a team building and stress releasing experience unlike anything you've ever done! When talking to participants, they said, "This is the best way to get all that inner-office stress taken care of!"

  3. Super Dodgeball: Located on the courts of Fieldhouse USA in Aurora, Super Dodgeball is being introduced as a drop in activity. With plans of starting sign-ups during the Winter months of 2024, GATE will be bringing an intense adaptation of the classic schoolyard favorite, to Boomtown and Fieldhouse USA

  4. Secret Singer Karaoke: Every other Saturday Night from 8pm-11pm, Gina's Kitchen will be partnering with Games And Trivia Entertainment to bring a fun new twist to Classic Karaoke. Located on Alameda and Sable inside Parkside Eatery, Secret Singer Karaoke is a fun and interactive twist designed to pull the more "Timid" singers, out of their bubble in a new and hilarious way. You'll have to check out the event for yourself since we can't give all the details away here!

  5. Themed Trivia Nights: Everyone has a little "Nerdy" side to them. Embrace it and meet your fellow "Nerds" at one of GATEntertainment's Themed Trivia Nights! Once a month, GATEntertainment hosts a Trivia Night based on fan favorite Movies, Books, Shows, and Video Games. Upcoming Events can be tracked on and tickets can be purchased to these events normally 2 or 3 weeks before the scheduled event date, so it pays to add the site to your favorites list!

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