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Our Gameshow and Trivia Games are made to include a wide range of knowledge from Old-School Technology and Phrases to current Pop Culture Icons and Events. Our games encourage an atmosphere of communication and teamwork, and can be played with 2-20 Teams of 1-6 Players per Team, (depending on the game).


The number of active participants at the Event, and the allotted Event time will determine the type of games played.

Family Feud (Gameshow)

Our "Family Feud" style game is a Head to Head... to Head, team survey game. The goal is to identify the most popular answers from our surveys to bank up points without getting 3 wrong answers. Once your team gets 3 wrong answers, the next Team has a chance to "Steal" the points.

If you've ever seen Family Feud on TV, then you'll know exactly how to play. The main difference is we are able to play with up to 3 Teams of 2-6 Players per Team.


• Runtime - about 30 Minutes/Game

• Style of Play - Survey / Guessing / Buzzer

• Number of Teams - 2-3

• Number of Players - 2-6/Team. Total 4-18 Players

• Customizable Categories - No

Better Known As (Trivia)

"Better Known As" is a Celebrity identifying game which can be played solo or with a team. It's an 'Open Bar' style game meaning each question is asked to all the participants in the room and each team has a set amount of time to submit their answers via written answer sheet.

This format is perfect for allowing people to play the game while mingling, eating, or ultimately doing their own thing, since it only requires attention for 30 seconds at a time.


If you've ever played Trivia at a Local Bar, then you'll understand this game in just a few rounds. We are able to play with an unlimited number of teams and the recommended number of People per Team is 5-6. Any more and making a final agreeable decision can get tricky. 


• Runtime - 1-2hours/Game

• Style of Play - Team Trivia

• Number of Teams - 2-10+

• Number of Players - 2-6/Team. Total 50+ Players

• Customizable Categories - No 

In Other Words (Hybrid)

"In Other words" is a Jeopardy style, Team or Individual Trivia game. It can be played as a Gameshow or expanded into a full game for a Trivia Night.
In IOW, the host offers a choice of categories to choose from with multiple questions in each category wielding a different point value. Object of the game is to gain the most points by answering correct answers. Wrong answers are detrimental to your score.
If you've ever seen Jeopardy on TV, then you'll know exactly how to play. The main difference with our version is a, 'Double Jeopardy' question may not be on the board. Instead, a 'Challenge' question might be available which pits you against another player to be the first one to correctly answer the next question.
• GS Runtime - about 30 Minutes/Game
• Triv. Runtime - about 1 Hour/Game
• Style of Play - Buzzer Trivia
• Number of Teams - 2-4
• Number of Players - 1-3/Team. Total 2-12 Players
• Customizable Categories - Yes

Test Your Knowledge (Trivia)

Ever been to a Sports Bar and they have Trivia on one of the screens?

Well, you might've read a few questions and silently answered in your head then, but now it's time you get in the game!


"Test Your Knowledge" is You, and a Team of your best friends/  co-workers, competing against ALL the other teams in the room. This pools all of your collective knowledge about Movies, Phrases, Sports, History, School Subjects, Music, and Current events- into 6 rounds of competitive anarchy.  


• Runtime - 1-2hours/Game

• Style of Play - Team Trivia

• Number of Teams - 2-10+

• Number of Players - 2-6/Team. Total 50+ Players

• Customizable Categories - Yes

G.A.T.E. of Fortune 


Spin, Guess, Repeat! Just don't get too cocky because this game has a few twists and turns waiting around the corner!

"GATE of Fortune" is a Team vs Team Gameshow race to see who can solve each puzzle first! With categories and questions ranging from music titles to quotes, This game is perfect for all ages.

• Runtime - 30 Mins/Game

• Style of Play - Team Gameshow

• Number of Teams - 2-4

• Number of Players - 2-4/Team. (2-16 players total)

• Customizable Categories - Yes

Colorado Game Night 

(Party Game)

"Colorado Game Night" is a compilation of six interactive mini games where two teams compete in challenges to score points. Most of these challenges are communication based. Perfect for Team building and family game night style parties.

• Runtime - 1 Hour

• Style of Play - Team vs Team

• Number of Teams - 2

• Number of Players - 8 players total

• Customizable Categories - No

Table Top and Party Board Games

We also offer Table Top Board Games to either have going in stations around the room, or to have the G.A.T.E. Host serve as the, "Master of Ceremonies" by hosting the game. Ultimately, we are here to take the hassle out of hosting your own party!


(Don't Hesitate to contact us for more information)

Table Top Games

Board Games that have a board with a path from start to finish, pieces, and an objective. Popular examples are Monopoly and Sorry.




Our selection:

• 13 Dead End Drive

• Aggravation

• BalderDash

• BattleShip

• Bezzerwizzer

• Brain Games

• Can You Name 5

• Checkers

• Chess

• Clue

• Connect 4

• Guess Who

• Last Word

• Life

• Loaded Questions

• Logo Game

• Monopoly

• MouseTrap

• Operation

• Quelf

• Sorry

• Ticket to Ride: Europe

• Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails

• Trivial Pursuit

• Trivial Pursuit (2000's Edition)

• Trivial Pursuit (Family Edition)

• Trouble

Party Games

Party Board Games are games that are played with teams and require more verbal/physical involvement like yelling or acting out answers to score points with your team. Popular examples are Taboo and Charades.  
Our selection:
• All Of Us: Generations
• Blockbuster
• Catchphrase
• Charades
• Guesstures
• Headbandz
• Hearing Things
• Hollywood Game Night
• Incoherent
• Last Word
• Mad Gab
• Pictionary
• Quelf
• Scattergories
• Taboo
• Telestrations
• That's What She Said
• The Game of Things
• Twister
• What Do You Meme

Card and Dice Games

Games that are played with Cards, Dice, Dominoes, or some combination. Normally played with a group of 4 people... sometimes up to 6 people can play at once.



Our selection:

• Cards

• Let's Get Deep

• Unstable Unicorns

• Uno

• Dos

• Tres ... (jk)

• Mafia

• Monopoly Deal

• Phase 10

• Five Crowns

• Skip-Bo

• Black Card Revoked

• Dominoes

• Mexican Train

• Triominoes

• Yahtzee

• Sequence

• Dice

• Mahjong

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