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What should our next Themed Trivia Event be?

Once a month, GATE hosts a Themed Trivia Event that serves as a fun night out where your team of friends and family can help you compete against other enthusiasts in a fun trivia or gameshow style! 

Here at GATE, we research our categories and come up with custom, unique, fun, and challenging questions for every Theme! However, we cannot do it alone, we need your help!

Below, you can VOTE on your Top favorite Themed Trivia Ideas AND you can submit ideas you would be interested in! 

Once a subject reaches atleast 5 verified votes, we will add it to the list. The top Trivia Idea each month will be added into our queue!

(so far...)

The Fifth Element Trivia GATE Aurora CO

other themes that were suggested...

The Hunger Games.jpg
Marvel Studios Trivia GATE
Ted Lasso Trivia GATE
Gilmore Girls Trivia GATE
Fresh Prince.jpg
Rush Hour.jpg
Seinfield Trivia GATE
Game of Thrones Trivia GATE
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